FRISCO (KDAF) — Well Frisco and North Texas, the Star and Ford Center will be absolutely packed this weekend with music, cars, sports and gaming! Complexity Gaming is playing host to an event that will take a massive online community and bring them together in person.

What started as a streaming set up in an apartment with a camera duct taped to a wall, to now, arguably one of the biggest video game streamers in the world; TimTheTatMan alongside other big names in the gaming community will be hard at work and play at TimTheTatMan’s Tailgate 2022 in Frisco from July 16-17.

Some might be confused and ask, “Why do people watch people play video games?” Those that stream and watch streamers would then ask those people, “Why do you watch the NBA or the NFL?” In a panel at Complexity Gaming’s headquarters on Friday, Tim, actor/streamer Jordan Fisher and GameSquare CEO Justin Kenna spoke about this question.

Basically, in the world of streaming, each creators audience will form somewhat of a personal relationship with a celebrity in the gaming world where, it would be difficult for someone to walk up to LeBron James and not be absolutely starstruck and not really know him other than, that’s LeBron James, one of the greatest basketball players to ever live. With streamers, you get a look into their world, and personal lives and even watch them play with some of their best friends to see how they interact with one another as if you would with your friends.

All of that being said, Complexity, Tim, and others have created a space in Frisco to bring those online relationships into the physical world in the form of this weekend-long tailgate. It won’t just be Tim’s community he’s created on Twitch and YouTube throughout his career in attendance but other communities from those platforms as well will be there to enjoy the festivities.

As stated earlier, yes gaming will be a huge focus of the weekend but people from all walks of life are into gaming and that’s why music and other huge industries are getting in on this weekend. Performing at the Ford Center throughout the weekend will be Kane Brown, Arty, Starya, Mitchell Tenpenny, Tool Tribute Band Schism and SethDrums! Pro athletes also might be in attendance and be a part of this massive weekend too as Complexity has partnered with multiple stars like Chicharito, Leonard Fournette, and Sean O’Malley.

There will also be a pong tournament, Tim and friends’ look-a-like contest, food trucks, arcade games, a car show and more. For more information be sure to check out