ALVARADO, Tx (KDAF) — Most aspiring athletes dream of learning the ropes from their favorite ball players. For DFW-area baseball players training at Kova Sports in Alvarado, that dream turns into a reality. Current Cincinnati Reds Pitcher Tejay Antone, a Mansfield native, opened Kova to provide the training to athletes that he wish he had while climbing the ranks.

“I just wanted to provide the professional level of training that I was getting for the amateur athlete. We’ve continued to pour into this facility, get all the latest and greatest technology so we can continue to chase the dreams, track the kids and provide that professional level of training to the amateur athlete.”

Using technologies like the HitTrax, a radar system that tracks ball flight metrics like speed, exit velocity and more, players are able to simulate where their hits will land within the park – or into the stands.

Kova Sports offers training on both sides of the plate. Antone, being a Major League Pitcher, also coaches aspiring pitchers. He says his experience in the MLB and as a player who has undergone two Tommy John surgeries to repair related injuries, has taught him the importance of form and building strength in all the key areas.

“One of the things we like doing here at Kova is weighted ball training,” Antone explained. “We’re targeting where the athlete is moving the worst. If we can improve that area, we’ll see overall improvement in the throw. That’s huge on injury prevention and that’s what we’re all about here.”

To learn more about Kova Sports and the training they offer, including remote coaching, click here.

Watch Tejay Antone coach Landon through the basics in the player above!