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DALLAS (KDAF) — The Holocaust and Human Rights Museum in Dallas offers an immersive, interactive experience to learn about the reality of the Holocaust and global human rights.

“In 1984, a group of Holocaust Survivors who had settled in Dallas came together with an extraordinary vision to create a center to educate the Dallas community about the devastating horrors of the Holocaust and provide a place of remembrance for those murdered. As Jewish survivors, they felt it was their responsibility to build a place for future generations of students and adults alike to learn about the dire consequences of antisemitism, prejudice, and hatred,” the website said.

The museum a groundbreaking use of technology, including the Dimensions in Testimony exhibit, which offers visitors the chance to interact with holograms of Holocaust survivors. Visitors can sit across from the virtual survivors and ask them questions about their life and survival. One of the featured survivors includes Max Glauben, a Holocaust survivor from Poland who immigrated to Dallas after WWII.

The museum moved to its current permanent home in September 2019, a 55,000 square-foot building on Houston Street, and expanded its mission to a dual focus on teaching the history of the Holocaust and advancing human rights to combat prejudice, hatred and indifference.

“By sharing the lessons learned from the Holocaust and other human rights violations, the Museum inspires visitors to be Upstanders by confronting hatred and promoting human dignity.”