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DALLAS (KDAF) — If you are familiar with the North Texas music scene, chances are you know about Itiswhatitis or at least know the group’s friendly and welcoming lead vocalist Jesse Guerrero.

Itiswhatitis is a DFW-based music group that mixes the melodic, complex guitar instrumentation seen most popularly in the midwest emo genre with the harsh emotional lyricism and vocals associated with punk and hardcore punk. If you need more of a mental image, think Title Fight mixed with American Football.

The complex and sometimes twinkly guitars mixed with the raw, relatable lyrical content serves as an aggressive expression of the real and complicated emotions that we all face throughout our lives.

Spearheaded by lead vocalist Jesse Guerrero, Jesse is no stranger to the North Texas music scene. For about a year, he has been working as an event promoter in town, where he books concerts in the metroplex with local and non-local bands.

Itiswhatitis originally began as a solo project for Jesse, where he could write songs in the style of music that he loves listening to. From there, after writing a few songs, he wanted to take it to the next level and perform them live, compiling a group of members he met in the music scene, and performing with them ever since.

The band is made up of four players:

  • Jesse Guerrero (lead vocals, bass)
  • Spencer Scriviner (guitar, vocals)
  • Cameron Schulte (drums)
  • Jacob Pollack (guitar)

The group has amassed around 334 monthly listeners on the music platform Spotify, with singles gaining thousands of listens.

They have recently released two new singles “Fair Warning” and “Movie”, and you can listen to them on Spotify by clicking here.