DALLAS (KDAF) — Under Currents is a North Texas pop-punk group, that draws inspiration from heavy hitters in the genre, such as The Story So Far, Hot Mulligan and Blink-182.

Formed back in late 2019 by frontman Taylor Hambright, the band began as a personal project from the vocalist, spawning from Hambright’s childhood dream of performing music on stage.

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“I started playing music when I was around 12 or 13-years-old. I never thought I would really be in a band,” Hambright said. “I was just one of those kids that would just go to sleep and just imagine myself being on stage… It’s kind of a dream I always had.”

With less than three years under their belt, the group has released two EPs and about six singles, their newest being Common Places, which they released in late March. They have more than 2,000 followers on Spotify.

The band is composed of five artists:

  • Taylor Hambright – vocals
  • Kenny Wilson – guitar, vocals
  • Tyler Whiteley – bass, vocals
  • Leighton Darkins – guitar
  • Ronnie Fike – drums

The band will be playing at Arlington’s So What Music Festival which takes place from May 27 to May 29. For more information on the festival, visit their website.

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To watch the band perform their song Back and Forth look below.

Audio from Under Current’s live performance of Back and Forth was provided to KDAF CW33 by Taylor Hambright.