Matters of the Heart: The Male Perspective on Break-Ups

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DALLAS -- When it comes to movies about breakups, you always see the heartbroken, crying, damsel-in-distress, right?

Well, what about the guys? No one has done stories from their perspective, until now.

"I decided to kind of make a comedic spin on what men really go through during a breakup."

That's right, finally a male point of view!

Local radio host turned actor and director Joshua Wilson, is giving us an inside look into not only dealing with a breakup but his journey to understanding women through his new miniseries called Matters of the Heart.

"It was a pretty crazy breakup. We were together for five years. It just didn't work out. We were super young. It didn't work out. Things happen, you know, but I took it very hard,” says Wilson. "In the midst of going through my time to get over it, I learned that there were a lot of guys going through the exact same thing as me but nobody wanted to admit it. Every guy was afraid to show that side of them."

Wilson has always been in tune with his feelings so to turn his personal story into a miniseries for the world to see was no problem at all.

"Everything that you go through, I’m sure there's somebody else that's gone through the same thing, experiencing the same thing as you. It's ok to be open about it."

And open he is. As he brings out the true grit of what men really go through during a breakup, he's also found a way to laugh at himself.

"You just got to find the humor in everything, which I believe there is humor in every situation, you just have it.”

The miniseries premieres at the Texas Theater on Tuesday, November 1 and is FREE!


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