DALLAS (KDAF) — If you’ve got your eye drops at the ready use them wisely and maybe not fake cry, but it has been an emotional ride through Netflix’s Love is Blind Season 3 featuring singles from the city of Dallas.

If you haven’t watched it yet, don’t continue reading and hop over to Netflix to watch all 12 episodes of this drama-filled reality dating show that’s trying to find out if love is truly blind. For some, looks matter, a lot, but for others, the emotional connection far surpasses anything physical.

From the pods to the reunion it was a bumpy ride, to say the least, but alas all the singles made it out alive, some with new marriages and significant others and some with new life lessons from those they thought were the one.

Let the spoilers begin, so, who’s still together?

  • Alexa and Brennon said I do and are continuing their marriage and even working on baby No. 1 according to Netflix Tudum.

“During Day 4 of the Love Is Blind experiment, Alexa tells Tudum, Brennon was “ready to leave” — with her, of course. Instead, they decide to stay for the pod “magic,” and the couple enjoys a beautiful wedding in Episode 10. They’ve now been married for over a year, and Alexa calls Brennon her “best friend.” Brennon is delighted he can finally tell the world Alexa is his wife,” Netflix says.

  • Matt and Colleen have pushed past their misunderstandings throughout the season and said I do. They’re choosing a bit of a different route to start their marriage as they’re not currently living together.

Netflix says, “But everything will change in a few months, when their rent contracts align. Then the pair will move in together. “I can’t wait to move in with him,” Colleen says. “I’m going to spend the rest of my life with him. I’m — we’re — content. We’re on the same page.””

  • While they may not be married Raven and SK are continuing their relationship together without the I do.

“SK decides not to marry Raven at their wedding, leaving her in tears. But they both say that rejection wasn’t the end of the conversation that day. “Right after the wedding, I reached out to her,” SK tells Tudum. “We talked it over, understood where things were coming from and why I said no and why things happened the way they did,”” Netflix says.

Now, for the singles.

  • Zanab dealt with Cole’s negativity for far too long and at the altar, she gave him the ultimate I do not. Now, she’s single and ready to mingle and, according to Netflix, is very open to sharing a date with Chris Evans.
  • Cole, well, he’s single and got a bad rap from the show after lights were shined on his toxic behavior toward Zanab. However, that’s in the past and it seems the two are moving forward in their lives in a positive light.
  • Nancy said I do to her fiance Bartise but was met with the opposite response at the altar. Rumor has it she’s still holding her family back from chatting with her ex about the wedding day (please sense the sarcasm). Anyways, she told Netflix, “Overall, your girl is thriving.”
  • Young Bartise is growing up and moving past his rejection of Nancy at the altar, he told Netflix Tudum he’s remorseful for how he treated his ex during the show.