DALLAS (KDAF) — No, the Dallas Cowboys or the Texas Longhorns aren’t playing today but Wednesday, October 12 is serving as a holiday worth celebrating around the Lone Star State with a big puffed-out chest full of pride.

So, why all the pride? Well, it’s National Pulled Pork Day, and with Texas barbecue always in the conversation as the best in the country and even the world, it’s no shock Texans will be flocking to the pits to get their pulled pork fix.

“Whip up some nachos topped with pulled pork, make pulled pork tacos, complete baked potatoes with a dollop of pulled pork, or fill phyllo dough with pulled pork for a fun appetizer option,” NationalToday said.

We wanted to make sure every North Texan and those that might find themselves in the area has the best chance of getting the best pulled pork the Dallas area has to offer. So, we checked out Yelp’s list of the best restaurants that serve pulled pork around town:

  1. Hutchins BBQ
  2. Pecan Lodge – Deep Ellum
  3. Cattleack Barbeque – North Dallas
  4. Smokey John’s Bar-B-Que
  5. Sugarfire – Lake Highlands
  6. Ferris Wheelers Backyard And Bbq
  7. Off the Bone Barbeque – South Dallas
  8. Douglas Bar and Grill
  9. Heim Barbecue
  10. ONE90 Smoked Meats – Lake Highlands