DALLAS (KDAF) — “Here everyone can be whoever they want to be.”

That is the message officials want all children to learn when they arrive at Kidzania entertainment park in Dallas.

When you were a kid did you ever want to go to a place without grownups? Did you ever want to be in a place run just by kids? Well, that’s what Kidzania is all about, but there is an educational twist to it.

Kidzania is a town run by children. They can work at the fire department, dental clinic or even a gym. By doing so children ages 4-years-old and older learn valuable life skills that come with working in society.

Fun on the Run’s Yolonda Williams took a tour of Kidzania and was able to talk to the town’s mayor about the experience!

Kidzania is located at 2601 Prescot Rd. Suite 3011. To learn more and to get tickets, visit dallas.kidzaniusa.com.