DALLAS (KDAF) — A piece of history from John F. Kennedy’s presidency sold for almost $600,000 at Heritage Auctions Dallas this weekend.

One of 12 rocking chairs made for President Kennedy, made back in 1961, sold for $591,000 on Saturday, May 7. The bidding began at $57,500.

“There is no secret to this auction’s tremendous success,” Heritage Auctions Executive Vice President Joe Maddalena, said in a press release. “The quality of material was unparalleled, and our client-collectors were rewarded with Pete Mark’s eye for buying only the best of the very best. I began working with Pete to find and secure some of these items 35 years ago, and his family once again trusted me to help them find new homes for these treasures to benefit their hometown of Portland. It was not only my absolute pleasure, but a true honor.”

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The chair was sold as one of many historic pieces of American History sold at Saturday’s auction, including:

  • A life preserver from the USS West Virginia, retrieved from the water after the Pearl Harbor bombing
  • An engraved facsimile broadside of the Declaration of Independence
  • The Mount Vernon Landscape Plan handwritten by George Washington
  • A letter written by a man who boarded the Titanic
  • The only copy of the Atlantic Charter signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill
  • One of the 250 surviving Enigma machines used by the german to encrypt top-secret messages during WWII