DALLAS (KDAF) — Sandoitchi has officially opened its doors in Downtown Dallas! CW33 Digital got a chance to stop by the permanent location and try some of the unique sandwiches.

“Sandos” are sandwiches created with Japanese milk bread. The name Sandoitchi comes from the Japanese words “San” (respect) and “Doitchi” (bread). Now a permanent store, it has now made 1604 Main St. its home.

Among the sando flavors we tried were strawberry cream, classic chicken katsu, and spicy truffle chicken katsu with (heavenly) truffle.

Check out our visit below:

Despite its small size, this place packs big flavor! Right across from the giant eyeball, there’s plenty of outdoor seating and city views. You can find out more information as well as sando drops on their social media.

Have you tried Sadioitchi yet?