FORT WORTH (KDAF) — It is officially summer and that means temperatures in Texas are kicking it up a notch.

Because of this, now it is more imperative than ever to watch out for the dangers of kids and pets being in hot cars.

The City of Fort Worth agrees and has shared some tips on how your children and pets can stay safe this summer season.

  • Check the back seat
  • Put something you need, like your cell phone, handbag, ID or briefcase in the back seat so you have to open the back door to retrieve that item every time you park
  • Keep a large stuffed animal in the child’s car seat. When the child is placed in the car seat, put the stuff animal in the front passenger seat. It’s a visual reminder that the child is in the back seat
  • Keep car keys and remote openers out of reach of children
  • Apps like WAZE have children reminders when you arrive at your destination
  • If you see a child or pet alone in a vehicle, get involved. Call 911 immediately. If a child seems hot or sick, get them out of the vehicle as quickly as possible