DALLAS (KDAF) — From May 23-27, the agencies in Texas are spreading flood awareness tips to people across the state, including helpful resources and good advice in the event that you encounter a flood yourself.

Texas Flood has released some helpful tips on ways you can prepare for a flood emergency. Here are some of their tips.

Assess your surroundings

It always helps to be aware of your surroundings, especially in a flood situation. Officials say to look at the stability of your plaster and drywall. Do you notice any bulging spots on your ceiling or walls? And, when in doubt ask a professional.

Floodproof your home

Texas Flood outlines two guides for Texas homeowners that provide helpful tips for floodproofing your home.

For Texans who live near the coast, the Texas General Land Office has a homeowners handbook to help them prepare in the case of natural disasters that come with living by the coast. Some of those tips include:

  • Creating an evacuation plan
  • Gathering emergency supplies and documents in a centralized location
  • Getting a blueprint for your home and understanding the risks your home may face
  • Buying insurance
  • Reaching out to professionals to make sure your home is ready for a natural disaster

Click here to view the full handbook.

For Texans who don’t live near the coast, FEMA has a guide to help prepare your home for a flood, including:

  • Raising your home
  • Relocating your home
  • Creating a floodwall or levee
  • Sealing your home to all flood water

For the full guide, click here.