DALLAS (KDAF) — Walking Dead fans out there, be honest. How many of you actually thought about the likelihood of a zombie apocalypse while you were watching the show? *my hand is certainly raised*

After the CDC released a tongue-in-cheek zombie preparedness guide in May of 2021, Lawn Love wants to get in on the fun and has released its own report. This one looks at which cities in America are the best for surviving a zombie apocalypse.

You may be thinking? I would be okay in North Texas, right? Everything seems spread out here. I could drive a couple of hours out of town and be fine right? Well, it depends.

Out of a rank of 200, the highest ranking North Texas town was Plano, ranking at 37th out of 200, with 1 being the best and 200 being the worst. Not a bad ranking if you ask us. Out of the main metrics measuring a city’s zombie preparedness, Plano ranked relatively well because of its high number of hideouts.

If you were thinking it would be easy to get out of North Texas, think again. All North Texas towns that made the list ranked lowest in mobility. So if the zombies come-a-knockin’, it’s best to hunker down.

Here’s how other North Texas and other Texas cities ranked:

  • 24th – Austin
  • 41st – Corpus Christi
  • 44th – Frisco
  • 51st – San Antonio
  • 61st – El Paso
  • 66th – Denton
  • 67th – Houston
  • 78th – Amarillo
  • 85th – Lubbock
  • 91st – Killeen
  • 101st – McKinney
  • 107th – McAllen
  • 108th – Garland
  • 120th – Brownsville
  • 125th – Dallas
  • 126th – Fort Worth
  • 132nd – Arlington
  • 136th – Midland
  • 163rd – Grand Prairie
  • 164th – Irving
  • 170th – Mesquite
  • 171st – Laredo
  • 183rd – Pasadena

For the full report, visit Lawn Love.