DALLAS (KDAF) — Is it acceptable to drink Diet Coke in the morning? That is what the internet is arguing about now.

A TikTok video from @wishbonekitchen has been shared to Twitter. The video details a day in the life of a private chef in The Hamptons. In the video, the chef points out that she drinks a Diet Coke sometime before 7 a.m., prompting internet discussion over that behavior.

Dallas Museum of Art has weighed in and officials said, “We at the #DMA [love] a nice crisp Diet Coke in all forms at all times.”

They also used this moment to point out they have a Diet Coke sculpture perfect for the occasion.

“[Did you know] we even have a sculpture of one from artist Nobutaka Aozaki?” officials said in a tweet.

You can view that sculpture labeled Street Can: Diet Coke in person at the museum or online by clicking here.