GRAPEVINE, Texas (KDAF) — This interactive, self-discovery museum hidden in historic downtown Grapevine, is focused on all things you.

Managing Director, Chelsea Troxler, spoke to CW33 about how this message came to life.

“House of Shine came to be all because our fearless leader, Dr. Claudia Beeny. It’s her brainchild, and she had an irritant for apathy, don’t sit on the sidelines of your life”, said Troxler.

Through the interactive portions of the museum, visitors can cancel out the noise of the world and really focus on understanding who they are and the things that have shaped them. This is done through the “SHINE” framework, which stands for strengths, hobbies, interests, irritants, needs and experiences.

Some of these features include the “Hello Yellow” Wall, the “Shine Lab” and so much more.

Troxler explained that the House of Shine would be nothing without the help of its volunteers. They helped build the framework, messaging, programs and everything in between.

Visitors of all ages are encouraged to visit the House of Shine to learn how they can make their corner of the world shine brighter.

Ther are located at 334 S. Barton Street in Grapevine. For more information, visit