DALLAS (KDAF) — We can now officially say it is fall season, (editors note: the best season), and no doubt one of the best parts about fall is the fall foliage.

There is just something so aesthetic about the red, yellow, and brown leaves on the trees and the ground. It’s so comforting. However, this is Texas and just because we say it’s fall doesn’t mean that our weather is ready for the season just yet.

So, when can Texans expect to visually feel like it’s fall? A new interactive map from SmokyMountains.com is giving us its prediction. According to the map, the leaves will start to change colors toward the end of October. The map says the first signs of fall foliage will come around Oct. 24th.

Unfortunately, fall foliage won’t truly peak until the first couple of weeks in November. So if you were wanting some great fall photos in time for Halloween, there may be slim opportunities to do so in North Texas.

These are predictions though so there may be wiggle room for change. To see the interactive map for yourself, click here.