DALLAS (KDAF) — Bubble tea is one of those trendy tricks that people post to their social media after grabbing one but unlike some trendy things people do for the hype, this one is easily enjoyable. As long as you’re into tea and tapioca balls of course.

National Bubble Tea Day is on April 30, which just so happens to be a Saturday, so unless you’re working on the weekend you might just have some time to get out and about to grab a cup.

But, if you’ve never had it before or are feeling frisky and want to branch out we took a look at Yelp’s list of the best bubble tea around Dallas:

  • Craft Boba Tea, located in Upper Greenville
  • Kung Fu Tea, located in Uptown
  • Royal I.T. Cafe, located in Lake Highlands
  • Panda Tea, located in Upper Greenville
  • Feng Cha, located in Lower Greenville
  • TP Tea
  • The Boba Plug, located in Lake Highlands
  • Gong Cha, located in North Dallas
  • Sharetea, located in North Dallas
  • Fat Straws, located in North Dallas