DALLAS (KDAF) — Pickles, people either love them or can’t stand them. At Pickletopia in Old East Dallas, owner Lee Thelan, is pickling everything from carrots and jalapenos to basics like cucumbers.

“I have a passion for pickles,” Thelan said. After retiring from a career in the food industry, Thelan found a pungent passion project.

“I went to New York quite a few times and would visit the pickle guys – I got inspired,” he said. “It was something we didn’t have in Dallas. I wanted to try something up and see if it would work.”

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He took notes from the pickling pros from the North and brought them home to Texas. “I started working on some at home to see if I could do it,” Thelan said. “It turned out pretty well.”

After several trial runs and a successful taste test with his family and friends, Lee decided to try his hand at opening a pickling paradise.

“After manufacturing about 15 recipes, I decided to open up my own storefront,” he said.

He named it Pickletopia… For amatuer pickle people like myself, Lee gave us the 4-1-1 on three  different kinds of pickles:

New pickle: 

“New pickles are cucumbers that have been only fermented for a week and a half to two weeks,” Thelan explained. “When we bring these out, they’re going to be real cucumbery and bright. Less sour. This’ll work really well with bagels, schmear and salmon.”

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“Our most popular – they’re halfway between a new and a full sour. It’s what people really like to put in a hamburger, they’re less sour, not as pungent”

The full sour pickle is the cucumber that’s been marinating the longest – leading to a cloudy brine. 

Thelan wanted to show our Reporter and rookie pickle person, Landon, how real pickled veggies are supposed to taste. You can catch the full taste test with related bloopers above.

Now we know, folks – for that perfect pickle on your hamburger or the perfect olive for that bloody mary, Pickletopia can fulfill all your pickling needs right here in Old East Dallas.