DALLAS (KDAF) — Rain sure was present in North Texas after being absent for quite some time from Sunday afternoon to Tuesday and it caused flooding region-wide.

NWS Fort Worth has shared the estimated rainfall amounts from Sunday afternoon to Tuesday morning. While it was much needed, the rain sure didn’t resist letting every drop possible fall on the region.

The center shared the estimated rainfall totals from August 21-22’s heavy rain event and the totals shown below are from NWS Fort Worth’s observation sites only:

NWS Fort Worth

The weather center said, “Shown in the graphic are some estimated total rainfall amounts from the August 21-22 heavy rain event. Some locations received less than an inch, and some areas of DFW received around 12-15 inches! These totals are from our observation sites only, so your specific location may have received more or less than what is shown. The regional estimated totals are from observation sites that are not maintained by NWS FWD, and are therefore subject to incomplete or erroneous data.”