DALLAS (KDAF) — Do you share your Netflix password with anyone, whether that be your family or your friends?

Well, if you answered yes, you are a part of the majority of Texans who also say they share their Netflix passwords.

A new interactive map from techelate.com is shining a light on the country’s Netflix behavior, including how many hours they binge-watch content and whether they share their passwords.

According to the map, 53% of people in Texas share their Netflix accounts, which ranks the Lone Star State 6th in the nation for Netflix password sharing. Texans also watch 760 hours of Netflix each year, ranking 12th in the nation in that regard.

The states that share their passwords the most are as follows:

  1. Ohio – 59%
  2. Illinois – 58%
  3. Massachusetts – 57%
  4. California – 55%
  5. Wisconsin – 55%

For an interactive map showing how many people share their Netflix passwords in each state, click here.