DALLAS (KDAF) — Have you ever wondered just how federally dependent the state you live in is? Well, you’re about to find out.

WalletHub conducted a study to find 2023’s most and least federally dependent states across the country, and the big question is, where did Texas Land?

WalletHub wrote, “Some states receive massively larger aid packages than others, but it’s not just the dollar amount that matters. It’s important to contextualize the money flowing in by comparing it to things like what percentage of the state’s revenue it makes up and how much the federal government gets back through its taxes on the state’s residents.”

Texas came in at No. 29 with a total score of 32.71 compared to the No. 1 spot, Alaska, with 83.18.

They completed their rankings by comparing all 50 states in terms of these metrics:

State Residents’ Dependency – Total Points: 50

  • Return on Taxes Paid to the Federal Government: Triple Weight (~37.50 Points)
    Note: This metric was calculated by dividing federal funding in U.S. dollars by IRS collections in U.S. dollars.
  • Share of Federal Jobs: Full Weight (~12.50 Points)

State Government’s Dependency – Total Points: 50

  • Federal Funding as a Share of State Revenue: Full Weight (~50.00 Points)
    Note: This metric reflects the proportion of state revenue that comes from the federal government in the form of intergovernmental aid in 2020.
Source: WalletHub