Hot, hot baby: Heat wave takes over Dallas

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NORTH TEXAS — We’re in the middle of a heat wave that seems likes it’s lasted forever already!

With temperatures reaching the triple digits this weekend, you’d think people would avoid spending time outside and instead in the A/C. admittedly, that’s what most people will probably do.

That’s not the case for two softball teams who are going head to head at the National Championship Tournament.

“We are making sure that every girl in this team is hydrated, and you can see sometimes we have a man down but we have a replacement that comes in and gets a drink of water,” said softball player Kacee Dellis.

Tents have been set-up outside the game to help with the excessive heat.

“We are just trying to keep track of the players, and the coaches and ref and making sure that nobody over heats,” said Chris Kowal of The Colony ER.

Speaking of making sure no one will over heat, the Texas Rangers are also taking precaution for their home-stand this weekend against the Cleveland Indians.

Even with games starting at 7am Friday and Saturday, it’ll still be above 100 degrees. The real issue, however, is Sunday when the game starts at 2pm with a forecast high of 109 degrees!

The Rangers are telling those attending to wear sun block, drink plenty of water and wear light clothing. They will also have cooling tents throughout globe life park. Meanwhile, various events have been canceled throughout the Metroplex due to the heat wave that doesn’t seem to want to end.

Like they say, if you cant handle the heat, well, get out of the kitchen, but do stay inside.

List of events cancelled due to the heat wave:

July 21:

The Farmers Branch Farmer’s Market

July 20-22:

Texas Lightning Puma Cup- refunds will be given to teams that have paid.

Log Cabin Village in Fort Worth

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