DALLAS (KDAF) — August is an awkward transitionary period. The weather isn’t quite ready to put on your fall sweaters, but the summer fatigue has set in and you just want the season to be over.

Hollywood, though is taking a step toward fall with a new horror movie, releasing this weekend, just two weeks after the wide release of the A24 horror comedy Bodies Bodies Bodies.

That and more are hitting North Texas theaters this weekend. So, we have put together a list to help you choose your next viewing experience.

The Invitation

Not to be confused with the 2015 horror film of the same name, this film tells the story of a young woman is invited to a lavish wedding at a mysterious mansion in the English countryside where she is seduced by the handsome and duplicitous host.

She soon uncovers his sinister intentions, sending her on a horrifying journey of self-discovery and survival.


When Olivia is deferred from her dream college she begins to spiral. To regain control, she embarks on a social media war against those in her way, but as things escalate, she is forced to embrace her darkest impulses to get ahead.

Three Thousand Years of Longing

From the mind of Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller, this film tells the story of a scholar who is given the chance to have three of her wishes granted. What she ends up wishing for may shock you.


When Marine Veteran Brian Brown-Easley is denied support from Veterans Affairs, financially desperate and running out of options, he takes a bank and several of its employees hostage, setting the stage for a tense confrontation with the police. Based on the true story.

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