DALLAS (KDAF) — Some people will tell you laughter is the best medicine but has anybody studied the true healing powers of pizza? While it definitely won’t help you lose weight, pizza offers a different type of healing.

October is a month filled with football, Halloween fun, fall festivals, and pizza. National Pizza Month is alive and well in October 2022 and if you don’t love pizza, you better have a good reason for such a stance.

NationalToday said, “In fact, a not-insignificant percentage of the world’s gourmands consider pizza — with its almost endless varieties of preparation — to be their favorite food of all! What’s more, pizza has a long and storied history that may surprise you.”

If you’re feeling blue, or in need of a pick-me-up after your favorite team just lost on Saturday or Sunday pizza is there for you. But this time, focus on the quality of the pizza, as we checked out a report from American Eats on their guide to the best pizza spots in Dallas.

“Whoever says money cannot buy happiness has clearly never spent it on pizza. The Dallas pizza scene is definitely one worth exploring as there are countless restaurants with a wide assortment of different pizza dishes to satisfy your carbiest cravings,” American Eats wrote.

  • Eno’s Pizza Tavern
  • Cane Rosso
  • Pie Tap Pizza Workshop
  • Yonker’s Pizza
  • Fireside Pies
  • Grimaldi’s Pizzeria
  • Pizza Leila
  • Bellatrino Pizzeria
  • Campisi’s Restaurant
  • CutiePies Pizza and Bar