DALLAS(KDAF)— Electric cars, remote work, and even electric homes are all examples of how technology is transforming the world.

McDonald’s has now taken the initiative to make the lives of their customers easier and more convenient by introducing technology-driven solutions.

The business is opened its first fully functional-based technology restaurant, making it possible for North Texas residents to access their meals without having to interact with a person – only with a robot.

Several videos have circulated on social media showing the restaurant without any seating or dining areas, indicating the restaurant is just a grab-and-go establishment.

MKV Enterprises Franchisee owner Keith Vaneck and General Manager Rosemin Jussab, are the ones responsible for the restaurant’s new concept.

Left to Right: General Manager Rosemin Jussab and Franchisee Keith Vanecek at MKV Enterprise

McDonald’s website wrote that when Rosemin was entering her eighth year at the Haslet location, Keith had approached her about the idea to manage a McDonald’s test restaurant just outside Fort Worth, Texas.

“Rosemin is on the ball 24/7. I knew that if anyone could represent the brand, it was her. She cares about not only the company but family; she is always looking to learn something new,” Vaneck said.

You can order at McDonald’s.com or visit the location at 8540 West Fwy, White Settlement, Fort Worth TX 76108.