FORT WORTH (KDAF) — We’re celebrating a very special birthday here in North Texas on Monday, June 6; it’s Fort Worth’s 173rd birthday!

Mayor Mattie Parker tweeted, “Happy birthday, Fort Worth! Celebrating an incredible 173 years today for the community we love.”

Here’s a quick look at, “Where the west begins,” a piece about the history of Fort Worth from the city of Fort Worth:

“The fertile, game-rich land surrounding the banks of the Trinity River had long been a favorite hunting ground for Native Americans in the area, but it soon proved irresistible to settlers as well. A settlement had been established by Jonathon Bird in the winter of 1840, three miles east of where Birdville is today. In 1843, Sam Houston came to what was then called Fort Bird or Bird’s Fort and remained more than a month, awaiting chiefs from different tribes to discuss a peace parley. Houston departed, leaving Gen. Edward H. Tarrant and George W. Terrell to meet with the chiefs. When the tribes came to the negotiating table, a treaty was made under which the Native Americans were to remain to the west of a line traced passing through the future site of Fort Worth. The line marked “Where the West Begins” — giving Fort Worth its famous slogan.”

City of Fort Worth

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