DALLAS (KDAF) — Can’t make it out to a live game? Happiest Hour is serving up all the fun for your football watching needs!

Happiest Hour is one of the largest indoor-outdoor venues in the Harwood District. With rooftop views, outside room and endless TV’s, there is sure to be a spot for you and your team. This season, they have introduced new menu items that allow large groups to order easily and share. Trust me, that 5lb burger will need a table of hungry people.

Executive Chef, Paul Latkowski, showcased more items such as chicken and waffle sliders with fireball maple syrup, French toast sticks, extra large loaded cheese fries and more.

Lots of savory items right? Well they are also introducing a new milkshake program. Now, you can order a variety of large and extra extra large milkshakes that have a cookie, candy bar or even a deep fried Uncrustable!

While some menu items might look too big for a table of two, Chef Latkowski said those extra large plates are available in smaller portions!

Throughout the year, Happiest Hour always has events and fun experiences going on. To stay up to date, head to their website.