DALLAS (KDAF) — Just ahead of Taco Tuesday, Velvet Taco opened another location on Monday, February 20th, in Rockwall, Texas.

Rockwall has a diverse population and close proximity to Dallas-Fort Worth. According to Velvet Taco’s spokesperson, the city has a strong sense of community and a vibrant local culture.

Velvet Taco listed five reasons why they chose the City of Rockwall for their next location.

  1. Foodie Destination – Rockwell has a lot of restaurants from Italian, Latin, Japanese, and more, and Velvet tacos would blend right into the city’s melting pot.
  1. City Adventure– Rockwell’s outdoor and city life causes the drive to put a velvet taco there, who doesn’t love a good taco when camping outside or hitting up the bars?
  1. Food + Farm– – Velvet Taco fits right in as they source and make everything in their kitchen locally and fresh, just like the popular summer spot Rockwall Farmers Market which works with local vendors.
  1. The People–  Rockwall community are deemed to be the pride of their city. Velvet taco officials said are committed to giving loyal Rockwall fans a crave-worthy menu.
  1. The Charm– The Historic Downtown is home to local boutiques and an Art Deco courthouse. The restaurant’s appearance with funky, bright, and eclectic interiors will stand out for sure. 

You can visit the new location on 2608 Ridge Rd, Rockwall, Texas 75087.