DALLAS (KDAF) — It’s a Thanksgiving miracle! Birth of any kind is always amazing and the zoo over in Fort Worth is celebrating the birth of two new members to their animal family.

Fort Worth Zoo announced the birth of two new male giraffes and their names are Sherlock and Watson. Sherlock has been on the case for awhile after coming into the world on October 26, while Watson is getting his detective work started after his November 6 birthday.

“We’re feeling extra, EXTRA thankful this year with the births of TWO male giraffes, Sherlock and Watson, born on Oct. 26 and Nov. 6 respectively,” the zoo tweeted.

Sherlock is a whopping 171 pounds and five feet, 10 inches tall, Watson is six feet and three inches tall but he’s sticking close to his mother, so the zoo hasn’t been able to weigh him just yet.

“We’re waiting for warmer and drier weather before they explore the African Savanna habitat, but for now they are staying warm inside the barn and getting to know herd. And a big congrats to the Savanna keepers for the successful births of these not-so-little guys,” the zoo tweeted.