DALLAS (KDAF) — The fall season has settled in across the country, while not everyone is feeling the fall-like temperatures October is supposed to bring, one thing is for sure, it’s time to get your cider on.

Cider can be consumed with or without alcohol and both are for sure, delicious. We checked out a report from Trips to Discover on the best places around the United States of America to do some cider tasting in fall 2022.

“There’s nothing a cool, crisp glass of freshly made cider to get you in the mood for fall. This is the time of year when cider becomes more popular than ever, even among craft beverage enthusiasts who typically gravitate toward beer and wine,” the report said.

Places like New York, Washington, New Mexico, Oregon, Oklahoma, and other states shined, but a certain Texas city with the nickname of Cowtown is home to one of the best cider-tasting spots in the whole country.

All you have to do is head to Fort Worth and order some delicious cider from Antheneum Cider. This brewery was founded by wife, and husband duo Lizzy and Brennan Couey. It started as a little side project that has now blossomed into a local favorite for cider drinking.

Trips to Discover said, “Atheneum Cider does cider differently and loves to experiment with new ingredients and interesting flavor combinations. Here you’ll find everything from rose petals to hibiscus, pineapple, habanero, and more. It’s a great cidery for adventurous cider-drinkers and was founded by a husband-wife duo.

“This cidery lists its current and past cider creations on its website, and these include some great flavors for fall. The cidery sells cider and merchandise at local events, such as Hops & Props, Beard of Thrones, and other community happenings in the Fort Worth area. This is a fairly new cidery, so follow the business on social media to keep up with what’s next for Atheneum.”