DALLAS (KDAF) — It’s starting to get cooler and cooler outside and that means the hot coffee is going to be flowing. So, what’s your go-to cup of joe? Espresso, Americano, Macchiato, Cortado, Flat White?

No matter your choice, just know that there are local coffee shops all across America that are brewing some of these coffees just for your taste buds and body to enjoy. But where are the best shops in every state you might be wondering?

We recently checked out a report from Food & Wine on the best coffee shops in all the U.S. states and with a particular interest in the Texas shop. “Aesthetics and environment are key, but not nearly as important—from Fargo, North Dakota, to the depths of the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, one might safely say that we’ve now grasped modern coffee shop design. Truly great coffee, however—that’s still incredibly hard to find,” the report said.

The best coffee shop in the state of Texas can be found in the city of Austin at Try Hard Coffee Roasters. Food & Wine says that the shop roasts its beans in-house and the breakfast is to-die-for. The publication also gave some hype to a Dallas coffee shop, State Street Coffee, which happens to be the city’s best small shop.