DALLAS (KDAF) — “More Heart, Fewer Strings. Beginning today, Flight credits don’t expire, securing Customers’ investments in Southwest flight credits valid today, and going forward,” the airlines said in a press release.

Dallas-based Southwest Airlines has announced a new policy that will be eliminating expiration dates on all of its flight credits “unexpired on or created on or after July 28, 2022.”

The press release says, “This additional flexibility applies to all currently valid, existing flight credits, with no action required by Customers with flight credit in the bank, and will apply to any new flight credit issued. The ability to retain invested flight credits without expiration is another enhancement in a series of transformative upgrades underway in the experience Customers have in their relationship with Southwest, including enhanced WiFi, new in-seat power, larger overhead bins, and new self-service capabilities overviewed at Southwest.com/experience.

Southwest Airlines

The airlines say that on July 28 customers will be seeing a placeholder expiration date for Dec. 31, 2040, for valid flight credits until more work will update its technology to remove expiration dates on flight credits.

“We repeatedly leaned in during the pandemic to give our Customers more time to use their flight credits beyond a full year, which was our previous policy,” said Tony Roach, Vice President of Customer Experience & Engagement, Southwest Airlines. “Introducing this change in our policy is part of a massive effort to improve the things that are most important to our Customers.”

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