DALLAS (KDAF) — ‘Father Stu’ is the latest film by popular actor, and producer Mark Wahlberg.

The film is based on the real-life story of a Montana boxer turned Catholic priest Stuart Long. Like many fit young men, Stuart played sports in high school and had dreams of going professional in boxing. After a motorcycle accident, Stuart went under conversion and pursued priesthood. Stuart died at 50 in 2014 due to a rare autoimmune disease.

Mark Wahlberg has fought hard for this film. After lying dormant in development stages, he decided to finance the film himself to further movement on the project, co-star Mel Gibson later joined in to help finance the film as well.

As someone who has been all over Hollywood, from indie, risqué films like Boogie Nights to massive blockbusters like Transformers, Wahlberg has amassed an impressive and comprehensive portfolio. One that is now even more diversified with this faith-based film. Though this movie is not just another career move, it also is representative of a new chapter in the actor’s life.

Now, the actor says he wants to make films that have more meaning and ones that promote helping other people. This is reflected in another based-on-real-events movie Mark Wahlberg starred in titled Joe Bell, where he played a man who walked across the country after his teenage son committed suicide due to homophobic bullying.

Father Stu is still out in theaters, you can purchase tickets at fandango.com