DALLAS (KDAF) — The temperatures are cooling down around Texas and the rest of the country as the fall season is settling in and one of the best things to enjoy on a cool night is a big ole bowl of soup.

The question does beg though, what is the best restaurant soup throughout the country and in Texas?

Eat This, Not That! released a report of the best soup in every state and the restaurant they listed for the Lone Star State was in the heart of North Texas, Dallas. “There is no denying it—soup is universally loved. Enjoyed in a cup or in a bowl, at home or out on the go, soup is one of the few versatile dishes that tastes magnificent no matter what the setting.”

Enter in the best soup in America mix, Wabi House.

The report said, “Wabi House in Texas prepares a long list of Japanese specialties, including ramen, all presented in an industrial setting. One of their most reviewed dishes is their Spicy Miso.”

This restaurant serves its diners modern Japanese small plates & ramen; you can find them on Greenville Aenue.