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DALLAS (KDAF)— It may sound straight off of an episode of The Jetsons, but you read the headline correctly! Dallas and Arlington are in the process of bringing electric aircraft taxi services to the state.

The DFW Airport will be partnering up with Overair to develop vertiport development and eVTOL aircraft operations in the state. The air taxis (eVOTL aircraft) will be able to carry around five people including the pilot, with a top speed of 200 mph.

“DFW Airport has a long history of building the groundwork today for the airport needs of the future,” DFW Airport EVP Innovation Paul Puopolo said. “By exploring the future of aviation now, we will help better position the entire DFW Metroplex for the next era of innovative air mobility.”

Overair is also in talks of new policies as well as other craft renovations in hopes of creating a “full-fledged Advanced Air Mobility Portal (AAM) ecosystem.”

Arlington will also be going under the same project as DFW with air taxi services starting at Arlington Municipal.

“Today’s agreement is a major step toward bringing Advanced Air Mobility to one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing metropolitan areas,” said Overair CCO Valerie Manning. “We look forward to working closely with DFW to ensure the more than 8 million people living throughout this region, along with the millions of visitors per year, will have easy access to safe, fast, affordable, and eco-friendly travel options.”

It sounds like we are already living in the next steps of the new age. *Que the sci-fi music*