DALLAS (KDAF) — We all know the heat is going to continue in North Texas for the end of the work week and into the weekend, but how hot will it be remains the question?

The National Weather Service center in Fort Worth shared its forecasted temperatures for Thursday through Sunday for Dallas-Fort Worth, Sherman/Denison, Waco/Temple/Killeen and Palestine.

“Unseasonably warm weather will continue into the weekend. Reduced wind speeds and elevated humidity will make the heat feel more oppressive. Isolated showers and storms may impact portions of East Texas during the afternoon and early evening hours of Friday and Saturday,” the center said.


It seems the hottest day for a majority of the region will be Sunday be the days prior will be sitting just a degree or two shy of the 100-degree mark Sunday will see. Palestine is the only one forecast to see any type of storm activity over the weekend with some isolated storms forecasted on Friday and Saturday.