DALLAS (KDAF) — It looks like there is another big debate on Twitter, this time involving a childhood summer classic.

Look at the image below. What do you call this frozen treat?

Perfect for a hot summer day. Nothing was better than getting out of the pool, drying off and going to the fridge and popping out one of these bad boys.

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Though we all may have a similar experience, not everyone calls them the same thing. Some people call them Otter Pops. Others call them Freezepops. Some even call them freezies.

Dallas Stars have weighed in on the debate and they say they’re team Otter Pops.

“We have reason to believe these are called Otter Pops,” Stars officials said in a tweet.

No matter what you call them, I think we all can agree this tasty treat was worth the mouth lacerations they would give you.