DALLAS (KDAF) — Fourth of July weekend has passed, and even though this holiday may be fun to you, it is often a different story for your pet.

Fireworks often scare pets, triggering their fight or flight instincts and causing them to run away. If you lost a pet over the weekend, officials with the City of Plano have some tips for you.

  • Visit any shelters and see if they have found your pet. If you live close to the borders of another city, check surrounding cities’ shelters as well.
  • Visit City of Plano’s virtual lost and found tool to see if someone else has found your pet
  • Contact your local shelter to file a lost pet report
  • If your pet was wearing a tag or was implanted with a microchip, call the vet or microchip company
  • Search your neighborhood and let your neighbors know that you have lost your pet. Place lost pet flyers and signs around the area, as long as that is permitted by the city/HOA.
  • Check local shelters every day
  • If you lost a cat, put its litter box outside

For more information, visit City of Plano.