DALLAS (KDAF) — Halloween fans, you may want to give the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex a surprise trip as it has been named of the best cities for “terror-ific” travel.

A new report from Queen of Haunts wanted to know where the best places were for haunt entertainment for screams and laughs. What they found were 13 cities in the nation that they say are the best places for Halloween entertainment.

“Maybe my passion for haunting was natural for me or nurtured through a lifetime in it,” Amber Arnett-Bequeaith, the Queen of Haunts, said in a news release. “My vacations and travel encircle my love of haunting and family, spooky-based fun. In my book, safe screams and laughter are what matter. We’re a family immersed in Halloween traditions.”

Here’s what she had to say about the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex:

“The Halloween season is the best time to go to the Dallas area. Many know about the macabre historical 6th Floor Museum, but the metro offers two haunted attractions that give fear-fascinated travelers double the fun. Thrillvania is on 50 acres where the spirits offer jolting scares. Also, Cutting Edge in Ft. Worth scares to a different beat. This old meat-packing plant is occupied by the undead who found work a grind and have never left. It’s hair-raising fright plus the bonus of an award-winning Zombie drum line. Bundle scary sites from Dallas to the Alamo in San Antonio to possibly catch apparitions of the guards and prisoners who perished at this historical, famous battle site.”

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