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DALLAS, Tx. (KDAF) — The Dallas Zoo wants to recycle your cell phones and other small electronics for a good cause.

The zoo says you can bring them your cell phone or any other small electronic device and they will recycle them for you in order to help save gorillas. This request comes as a part of #SavingWildlifeWednesday.

The goal is to recycle the electronics to help reduce the demand for coltan mining which is supported by the Gorillas on the Line campaign. When bringing your electronics to the zoo, you’re asked to drop them off at the membership booth or the gorilla research station.

The Dallas Zoo also supports multiple conservation organizations: GRACE (The Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education Center) which helps young gorillas who were orphaned when their mothers were killed; the Dian Fossey Fund International helps the zoo protect around half of Rwanda’s mountain gorilla population; Gorillas on the Line.