DALLAS (KDAF) — The Dallas Zoo has names for their two new tiger cubs. The two cubs, parented by Suki and Kuasa, have been named Nety and Rudi, after conservationists who help save critically endangered Sumatran tigers.

The zoo does say the two cubs remain behind the scenes at this time but will announce when they’re ready to be on exhibit.

The female cub, Nety, was named after Nety Riana Sari, a conservationist working with WWF’s Thirty Hills project which helps restore deforested areas in Sumatra. The project also helps set aside land for communities to generate income. The zoo says, “We’re proud to support Thirty Hills through our Protecting the 12 conservation initiative!”

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The male cub, Rudi, was named after Rudi Putra, director of the Leuser Conservation Forum. The zoo says, “Putra and the LCF have been fighting to protect an expanse of rainforest that is one of the last remaining intact rainforests in all of Indonesia, and the last place on Earth where wild rhinos, elephants, tigers, and orangutans still coexist.”