DALLAS (KDAF) — Don’t blame the State Fair of Texas, but Dallas is about to be one of the busiest cities in America during the month of October, according to a new report.

“Events drive millions of people into thousands of key locations every week, so businesses and community leaders need to prepare for their impact. New research reveals 32 major US cities will experience unusually high event impact in October,” a press release states.

PredictHQ’s report took a look at October 2022’s busiest cities in the country and it’s all thanks to major sports leagues like the NFL, expos, festivals, fairs, concerts, and more. If you didn’t already guess, Dallas will be among the busiest in the U.S. this full fall month, so, bare with the traffic everyone.

“October is a huge month for event-aware businesses. Several major sports leagues are underway, but there is also a surge in major expos and community festivals such as Oktoberfest as well as the 370+ Halloween events across the country,” PredictHQ CEO Campbell Brown said. “Businesses that know about impactful events near them can get ahead of the influx of customers, making sure they have enough staff, inventory and the right offerings to make the most of these demand surges.”

The cities with the highest Event Index scores and therefore the most impacted by events are:

  • Bakersfield: 17.4 the week of Oct 16
  • Boston: 17.2 the week of Oct 2, and 16+ from Oct 16-30
  • Chicago: 17 the week of Oct 9
  • Colorado Springs: 16.1 week of Oct 2, then 17.6 from Oct 9
  • Dallas: 17.6 week of Oct 2 and 16.07 from Oct 30
  • Denver: 17.4 the week of Oct 9
  • Detroit: 18.9 the week of Oct 16
  • El Paso: 17.1 the week of Oct 10
  • Fort Worth: 17+ from Oct 2-16
  • Jacksonville: 17.4 the week of Oct 9, and 16.7 the week of Oct 23
  • Las Vegas: 16.7-17.7 for the whole month
  • New Orleans: 16 for Oct 9, and 17.1 for Oct 16
  • New York: 16.2 the week of Oct 2, and 16.7 week of Oct 23
  • Orlando: 17.5 the week of Oct 16
  • Sacramento: 17.4 the week of Oct 2, and 16.4 on Oct 9
  • Salt Lake City: 17.4 the week of Oct 9
  • San Diego: 18.8 week of Oct 2 and 16.1 week of Oct 9
  • San Jose: 17.5 the week of Oct 16
  • Seattle: 17.2 week of Oct 2
  • Tucson: 17.8 week of Oct 2
  • Read the full list of peak weeks for the 32 cities in the report

The report says, “These scores are generated by a unique model applied to each of the 63 most populous US cities, calculated for each city’s baseline event activity based on five years of historical, verified event data and millions of events per location. For example, a score of an 18 in New York City will entail millions of people moving about the city, whereas a score of 18 in Wichita, Kansas will involve just over 100,000 people.”