DALLAS (KDAF) — If you’re involved in the Texas skate scene, chances are you are familiar with professional skateboarder Ke’Chaud Johnson.

The DFW area skateboarder has been skating for the past 19 years and has earned himself an impressive career, with affiliations from big skateboarding brands like Darkstar Skateboards, Axion Footwear, Ricta Wheels, Krux Trucks and Rhythm Skateshop.

Ke’Chaud joined Darkstar Skateboards in 2016 and went pro in 2018.

If you have had the privilege of witnessing him skate, you know that his unique style is very exciting and fun to watch. Often referred to as a “big sender”, Ke’Chaud brings a sense of joy and childlike wonder to the sport of skateboarding.

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“Still to this day, when I ride a skateboard, I want to find the craziest, fun wild thing to do. You know, just like a child would do. What would a child do with a toy? That’s the way I want to skate,” Ke’Chaud said.

This childlike wonder and excitement for the sport, he says, has transcended from his style to his career. Aside from competing, Ke’Chaud also is a coach.

“If I’m skating, someone’s asking me a question. Someone is trying to learn. I’m here to help. That’s how the industry works. That’s how it always has been and so, me becoming a coach has always been organic,” Ke’Chaud said.

Through his coaching, Ke’Chaud is able to not only teach DFW area skaters the technical trade of the sport, but coaching is more than just about instilling skills in a person. With any sport, coaches try to instill a sense of fellowship, camaraderie and mutual respect for other skaters; which Ke’Chaud takes seriously.

Skateboarding, unlike many other sports, hinges greatly on the community of the skaters, as it doesn’t have regularly scheduled games like you would see in other sports. What keeps skateboarders coming back to parks are other skateboarders. And because Ke’Chaud takes this seriously he has made some tremendous strides in growing the local skate scene.

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“When I started to become bigger on a skateboard, it’s obvious that people notice that. So if I go to a skatepark anywhere and I’m jumping around, grinding on the fence, doing all this crazy stuff and then if I go and curse and bully people,” Ke’Chaud said. “Then that’s just gonna show the next generation that ‘Hey that guy’s really cool. He skates amazing. Let me be like that’. That’s the energy that people don’t want to be around.”

To support Ke’Chaud, his boards are available for purchase at Rhythm Skateshop. To see more of Ke’Chaud’s insane skateboarding skills, follow him on Instagram at @kechaud.