DALLAS (KDAF) — Even dogs can go postal, and according to a report for the United States Postal Service that happened more than 5,400 times just in 2021.

The Postal Service has released its annual report talking about the special relationship postal workers have with man’s best friend, with Dallas specifically being called out.

On top of discussing the dos and don’ts when it comes to dog behavior, the report ranked which cities had the highest number of reported dog attacks on its workers, with Dallas ranking sixth in the nation.

The service reported 38 dog attacks on postal workers in 2021, with Cleveland, Ohio making the top spot with 58 attacks.

Dallas wasn’t the only city in the Lone Star State to make this list. Texas received more representation for its dangerous dog behavior. Here are some other cities included in the ranking:

  • Houston – 2nd
  • San Antonio- 12th
  • Fort Worth – 16th

When it came to state rankings, Texas ranked 2nd place with 368 reported dog bites on postal service workers.

The service says when a letter carrier comes to your home you are to:

  • keep your dog inside the home or behind a fence
  • keep your dog away from the door or in another room
  • keep your dog on a leash