DALLAS (KDAF) — Would you like to see another NFL team come to Dallas?

@NFLonCBS asked Twitter, “If the NFL announced a new expansion team, what city do you think deserves it?” Not long after, a certain mayor in North Texas chimed in with a few reasons on why America’s Team deserves a closer NFL neighbor.

That’s right, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson was quick to call for Dallas to receive a new expansion team. On Twitter last week, Mayor Johnson sparked a conversation about adding another NFL team to Dallas (South Dallas specifically) saying that Dallas is soon to become the biggest metro in the U.S. without two teams.

In a tweet he said, “The answer is Dallas. Why? We are about to pass the Chicago metro and become the #3 metro in the US, which would make us the largest US metro WITHOUT 2 teams. Football is king here.”

Johnson even spoke on Dallas’ ability to better sustain two NFL franchises than Los Angeles or New York, ” Dallas needs an expansion team and we would be able to sustain 2 @NFL teams better than LA or NY.”

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He didn’t stop there, “We need an AFC team that plays in Southern Dallas. It would never want for a fan base or attendance or support from the City of Dallas. Who wouldn’t want to see a Dallas versus Dallas Super Bowl…in the City of Dallas?”

He even called for one of two AFC teams, LA Chargers or Jacksonville Jaguars to move to Southern Dallas.

Johnson then took time to talk on what he’s heard as the main reason why Dallas can’t get a second NFL franchise, “So far the main reason I hear for why this can’t happen is because of Jerry Jones. Well, first, let’s not put words in Mr. Jones’s mouth. Second, I work for the residents of Dallas, not Jerry Jones. Third, other NFL team owners also do not work for Jerry Jones, but themselves.

“So, if a deal can be made that benefits the NFL, the other owners, the City of Dallas, and possibly the Cowboys, it’s a no brainer. But here’s the rub: if it benefits all of the stakeholders I just mentioned except Jerry Jones, does that mean a deal couldn’t/shouldn’t happen? I’m not so sure…and it’s my job as mayor to ask these types of questions when my city and its residents stands to benefit. I’m both a sports fan and a lover of Dallas. If LA and NY can both support a NFC and an AFC team, then Dallas, the capital of football, surely can!”

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It’s safe to say the mayor is heavy in favor of Dallas becoming the home to another NFL franchise. His arguments can be seen as valid with the massive popularity and fanbase the Dallas Cowboys have and have had for decades.

So, what do you think? Do you want another franchise in Dallas? If so, where? AFC or NFC? New team name ideas? Colors? Ownership?