DALLAS (KDAF) — Mayor Eric Johnson has been outspoken previously about wanting Dallas to obtain a second NFL franchise and now he’s decided to create a new Dallas City Council committee devoted to attracting and retaining pro sports franchises.

The top priorities will be to retain the Dallas Mavericks and the Dallas Stars along with attracting a second NFL franchise to North Texas. The committee has been dubbed, “Ad Hoc Committee on Professional Sports Recruitment and Retention — via a memorandum to his colleagues on the City Council.”

“Dallas is the best sports city in the country right now,” said Mayor Johnson, who will serve as the committee’s chairman. “But for too long, Dallas has been too passive when it comes to attracting and retaining professional sports franchises. Dallas is a big-league city, and this new committee will help us compete at the highest level.”

You can read the full memorandum below and also for the full release about the committee, click here.