DALLAS (KDAF) — Don’t like working on location? Well, you don’t have to, now that remote has become so popular.

According to data from statista.com 59 million people were working as freelancers in the nation, an increase of about 6 million people since 2014, when there were 53 million freelance workers in the nation.

If you reside in Dallas, this news may even motivate you more to pursue remote work. According to a new study from Tool Tester, Dallas is the best city in the nation for freelance workers.

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The study touts Dallas’s affordability, vibrant social scene and access to remote to affordable working spaces with about 50 WeWork and Regus coworking spaces.

“On average, each spot is only 187 meters away from the nearest public transport, and will only cost $267 per month to use. If you want a bit more privacy, a Dallas private Regus office will cost around $271 a month per person, and you’ll only have to pay $92 a month to connect to WiFi there,” study officials said.

Other Texas cities made the list of the best cities for freelance work. Houston topped out the top 10 list at 3rd, Irving ranked 14th in the nation, followed closely by Fort Worth at 15th.

To read the full report, visit Tool Tester.