DALLAS (KDAF) — A new survey says that Americans, and Texans, are losing sleep.

According to Harmony Healthcare It, nearly nine out of 10 people surveyed said they have trouble falling asleep, and more than half of all people they surveyed said they struggle to sleep at least once a week or more.

Going further, they looked at what sleep-related problems Americans are googling the most. Their findings say that Texans specifically Google ‘insomnia’ the most.

Dallas (15) and Fort Worth (23) made the survey’s list of the 30 most sleepless cities, ranked by the number of google searches related to insomnia.

Here is the full list:

  1. Las Vegas
  2. Baltimore
  3. Denver
  4. Seattle
  5. Boston
  6. Portland
  7. Washington D.C.
  8. Austin
  9. Nashville
  10. Charlotte
  11. Detroit
  12. Columbus
  13. San Francisco
  14. Memphis
  15. Dallas
  16. San Jose
  17. Philadelphia
  18. Indianapolis
  19. Louisville
  20. Houston
  21. El Paso
  22. Jacksonville
  23. Fort Worth
  24. San Diego
  25. Oklahoma City
  26. Chicago
  27. San Antonio
  28. Los Angeles
  29. Phoenix
  30. New York City

For the full report, visit harmonyhit.com.