DALLAS (KDAF) — Dallas really has it all, amazing sports, nightlife, beautiful weather (most of the time), and more top-notch food than you can imagine, especially when it comes to soul food.

One of the best things about soul food is that it’s usually made with simple ingredients and poultry is almost on the menu and we’re highlighting fried chicken today because it’s National Poultry Day!

“Chicken is the most widely consumed meat in America, with each of us estimated to eat a clucking 101 pounds per year. Chicken has become our favorite protein because it is affordable (should we say “cheep-er”?) readily available, easy to cook, and versatile. But chickens were not always prized for how well they pair with an endless variety of seasonings, flavors, and cooking methods,” National Today said.

We checked out a report from Eat This, Not That! to find the best fried chicken spots in every state and Texas’ representative is from, you guessed it, Dallas.

So, you’re looking for the best fried chicken, Mike’s Chicken in Dallas has you covered:

“Fans on Yelp rave about this spot in Dallas. “Great chicken, awesome cheesy corn. I’m from Missouri and we know chicken,” said one reviewer. “I’m from Missouri and we know chicken. I’m a former caterer and award-winning contest bbq cook. This place is the real deal, styrofoam containers and all. Eat here.”